Our Services

We offer a skilled, dedicated team of professionals committed to helping business owners like yourself with a step-by-step process to maximize the price and terms your business will sell for, yet minimizing the time it will take to sell your business. We’re more than happy to answer any questions about our services including pricing and valuation issues, exit strategies, business financing and any other subjects related to the purchase or sale of your business. Below are the complete advisory and brokerage services, performed in a strictly confidential manner on behalf of our clients:

Business Valuation & Pricing

It is neither the Seller nor the Buyer who will determine the price of a business. It is the marketplace. We don’t waste time. The first step to selling any business? Setting realistic expectations. V-AID provides clients with a realistic snapshot of the marketplace and helps them set a reasonable selling price.

  • Asset Valuation
    Tangible and intangible assets of the business factor into the determination of a final selling price.
  • Industry Multiplier
    Here a multiple of the sales and cash flow of the business is used to calculate value.
  • Capitalization of Earnings
    Based on business cash flow and risk assessment.

“Number one reason a business does not sell is overpriced.”

Marketing to Sell Your Business

It’s all in the presentation. To get the best result, your business has to be ready for sale. That means creating a clear picture of finance, operations and all details that make your company unique. What’s more, we create a marketing package with pictures of your facilities, a history of the company and more. V-AID helps clients prepare a favorable and exciting presentation of their business, with great results.

“The right buyer for a business might be right around the corner, or on the other side of the globe.”

That’s why V-AID is part of multiple brokerage networks, just making sure that your business is exposed to all possibility. These networks are worldwide and help V-AID link Buyers to your business. V-AID is member of following brokerage networks:

Qualifying the Right Buyer

Screening potential Buyers is one of the most important benefits V-AID can provide for you. By screening prospects, V-AID will contribute to confidentiality by limiting the exposure of the business to the most promising Buyers instead of the merely curious time wasters.

“Keep in mind that roughly 90 percent of those who respond to business-for-sale ads are either not serious Buyers or are not financially qualified.”

  • Marketing your Business Confidentially
    Specific information about your company is released only after Buyers have been screened and have signed a confidentiality agreement. Also, until a purchase-and-sale agreement has been signed, V-AID phases the release of information about your business to match the growing evidence of Buyer sincerity and trustworthiness.

Negotiating the Deal

Getting the best deal involves not only the best selling price but also the best terms and deal structure to minimize the tax consequences of a sale. V-AID’s experienced team works with your tax advisor to create the optimum combination of price, terms and structure.

  • Financing
    V-AID offers extensive expertise in financing options – owner financing, SBA Loan, Commercial Loan, structured pay-outs and more in order to have more flexibility to close the deal up-front and get the best deal possible.

“V-AID offer extensive expertise in financing options.”

Closing the Deal

Getting you the protection you need while keeping the deal on track for a successful closing. We will handle all of the paperwork to provide for a successful and faster transaction.

  • Team Approach
    We make a team effort to sell your business in the shortest amount of time and at the very best price the marketplace can deliver. The team of advisors is who specializes in business transactions. These advisors range from brokers, lawyers and accountants to bankers and consultants, all of whom are experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.