Letter from V-AID to All Business Owners Dealing with the Impact of COVID-19

Dear Our Valued Clients,

Hope you and your family are safe and well. We just wanted to reach out to you during this challenging time as everyone is feeling the effects that COVID-19 is bringing to small businesses and the economy. As we understand that this could be a daunting time for anyone who runs a business, we wanted to write this to you in an effort to guide and help you in any way to endure and get through this crisis. In the course of last 20 years in this business sale industry, we had endured many types of economic crisis and downturns as well as witnessing the remarkable rebound of the market after each crisis. We strongly believe that this time we will also maneuver through this crisis as we are well equipped and more than ready to tackle this crisis with the years of our expertise and experience.

Unlike 2007-2008 during the financial crisis where banks simply quit lending money to businesses, this situation is entirely different as a number of banks still remain committed to lending to businesses throughout. Thankfully this isn’t a situation where individuals lack capital, but instead is holding onto their cash in the meantime until this pandemic dies down. Just like the previous financial decline in our economy, we’ll get through this in no-time.

Thankfully, we’re still pro-actively marketing and selling businesses in the midst of the situation. Explaining the decline in sales shouldn’t be an issue once this is over as everyone will have full understanding that this is due to COVID-19, not an organic decline of sales.

Lastly, we are providing you a full package that contains information about the SBA COVID-19 Loan a.k.a. SBA EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) that should tremendously help you get through this hardship.

Below are the highlights of this loan program:

  • Loan amount up to $2Million
  • Interest rate as low as  3.75%
  • Loan Amortization up to 20 years
  • No payment for first 12 months

Please click below link to download the full package:


Stay Safe,

V-AID Group, Inc.