Certified Business Intermediary®


Certified Business Broker

What is a Certified Business Intermediary® (CBI)?
Any person licensed to sell real estate can call themselves business brokers. However, only a few of us have the education, experience and the designation of Certified Business Intermediary to do so. Only forty-seven CBIs exist in the state of Texas. Certified Business Intermediary® (CBI) is the designation awarded by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) to intermediaries who have proven professional excellence through verified transaction experience, education and peer review. V-AID Group is the one of very few business brokerage companies in TX that holds the CBI designation.

Why should you use a CBI?
A CBI can help you optimize your transaction by identifying better prospects, clarifying investment potential, and helping you select the lawyers, accountants and other professionals who will provide the necessary counsel to assure a successful transition of ownership. A CBI is an experienced, proven professional whose claim of competence is supported and documented. A CBI has the proven skills necessary to handle the marketing, negotiations and complex details involved in the purchase or sale of your business.

How can a CBI help?
Every CBI has undergone a specialized course of detailed training, aimed at making the process of buying or selling a business as smooth and worry-free as possible. A CBI brings special qualifications to your needs:

  • Membership in IBBA, an international association serving the business brokerage industry. Every CBI is part of a network of professionals.
  • Successful completion of courses leading to the Certified Business Intermediary designation — one of the most successful intermediary educational programs in the country. Every CBI is a professional equipped with special expertise as a result of advanced study in selling, investment, taxes, valuation, divestitures, exit strategies, and more.
  • A history of demonstrated sales performance through the documented execution of business sales transactions.

What special qualifications does a CBI bring to my transaction?
A CBI has these distinctive credentials:

  • A higher level of education and training. Professional affiliation with hundreds of other intermediaries on the local and national levels.
  • The most current industry information with respect to taxes, investment, legislation and other areas of critical importance.
  • Local market knowledge – special expertise unique to your area.

What are the CBI Requirements?

  • Education – A CBI must complete a minimum of 68 class hours of business brokerage courses offered exclusively through the IBBA. A CBI must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional development through continuing education and periodic recertification.
  • Experience – Competence in the application of knowledge gained through practical experience. A CBI must have a combined minimum of three years experience and education in business brokerage.
  • Knowledge – A high degree of knowledge garnered through the completion of required courses and the passing of their respective examinations.
  • Examination – The successful completion of a comprehensive examination.
  • Ethics – A thorough knowledge of, and loyalty to, the IBBA’s Code of Ethics.