Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary®


merger and acquisition specialists Certification

The M&A Source® is the world’s largest international organization of experienced, dedicated merger and acquisition intermediaries representing the middle market. The Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary designation is awarded to intermediaries who have proven professional excellence through verified transaction experience, education and peer review. The M&AMI designation demonstrates exemplary commitment and experience as a professional M&A intermediary, and V-AID Group is the one of very few business brokerage companies in the nation that holds the M&AMI.

Since 1991, the M&A Source has addressed professional issues of merger and acquisition specialists. The organization has over 400 cooperating intermediaries active in middle-market transactions across the world. It provides education, networking, conferences, member tools, peer-to-peer roundtables, Private Equity expos and other support, all specific to M&A specialists.

“The Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary designation is a true mark of distinction that helps business owners in selecting advisors for their M&A transactions. V-AID has put the education to use for our clients and have seen the payoff. Through the M&A Source, the designation sets the standard for professional intermediaries.”

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions for privately-held company are larger and more complex than general business brokerage transactions. The buyers and investors in M&A transactions are typically Private Equity Groups (PEGS), wealthy family offices or corporate acquirers rather than individual buyers. At V-AID, we take a carefully orchestrated approach to every M&A transaction so that we can bring sophisticated buyers to the table and maximize the value of the company that the business owner has built for many years.